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IMS Triggers can save time and money!

Triggers and Alerts.

As is well known, mine sites rely on many systems to support their operations, especially when it comes to autonomous solutions. These systems range from large solutions such as fleet management, network monitoring and autonomous management through to water monitoring, power monitoring and fuel monitoring systems.

All of these systems have their own proprietary management tools, but this doesn’t provide a holistic view of operational issues. Additionally, it’s hard to understand the impact of one system or technology on another. Without replacing these tools IMS can give a miner visibility of the health and performance of their whole operational technology suite, regardless of vendor.

When monitoring a large number of different systems it’s critical that a user is able to cut through the noise. IMS, FTP’s Integrated Management System, is able to filter the vast amount of data that is gathered and to automatically monitor thresholds on critical data such as connectivity and latency. This is known in IMS as a Trigger. These Triggers allow operators to define the criteria that prompts IMS to send alerts to the relevant parties via email or SMS.

Being a single-pane-of-glass style monitoring system, IMS distributes the alert of an asset or system outage to the concerned people/parties across the operation.

The result in these cases is that instead of having to search through multiple management tools to find the root cause of the issue, operators can quickly visualise their operation and allocate resources to the most critical asset.


It is important to note, that IMS does not replace these other vendor’s tools, but rather collates the data being collected into one platform. Having visibility of all your systems in one place allows you to quickly identify the problem and focus your efforts on the tool related to the system/asset causing issues.

IMS gives peace of mind to not only the network administrators – but also to the mining manager, production superintendent, and the whole operation.

IMS and its Triggers feature gives you the ultimate vantage point of your mining operations by allowing users to be alerted to a range of customised conditions that are important to them. Being able to react quickly to issues reduces downtime and increases productivity. Utilising IMS to its fullest can also give miners visibility of issues before they occur by tailoring thresholds to suit their specific operation.

In addition to our IMS platform, miners can engage our OTSC service to help configure, digest and report on root-causes of issues and provide you with customised reports and solutions to the issues facing a mining operation.

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