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IMS v1.14 Major Release


  • Removed the “All (1 slice)” option from Dashboards. It can be re-enabled via configuration if desired
  • Various updates to the design of the Dashboard page of IMS
  • Various updates to the design of the Triggers page of IMS
  • Improvements to the IMS login screen
  • Improvements to user input handling when the user is moving in between RF planning and path profiling
  • The “excavator” icon has been replaced with an icon that looks like an excavator instead of a shovel
  • Latitude, longitude order should now be consistent across IMS, i.e. latitude should come first
  • The licensing page “days remaining” number will now change colour depending on how many days are remining in the license.
  • Revamped many user components in IMS for a general application uplift and improved performance
  • All buttons that “create” something in IMS are now coloured green for consistency
  • Tickets will no longer report having an “Invalid Date” in the Activity Log, instead it will say correctly show “None”


  • NEW – ICT240DB-8IRC DCPower Switch integration
  • NEW – Sprint Web Relay x410e integration
  • NEW – Eltek Compack integration
  • NEW – Eaton EFX48 UPS integration
  • NEW – Komatsu FrontRunner Event DB integration

Want the full release notes?

For the full release notes please click the below links below.

Major Release notes v1.14.0
Minor Release notes v1.14.1