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IMS v1.13.0 Major Release

IMS v1.13.0 Major Update is now available

We are excited to announce that IMS v1.13.0 is now available and will provide you with some significant improvements in functionality and compatibility. 

This release has focused on significant backend improvements as well as including key features for Port, Agriculture and Marine applications.

Major new Features include;

  • Better filtering support for the Stat Browser; you can now filter by Asset, Asset Type, IP Device, IP Device Type, Tag, Zone and Zone Type where applicable
  • Support for 10 Log 10 fields with 10 Log 10 Mean and 10 Log 10 Sum aggregations available across Heat Maps, Charts, Map View and Triggers
  • Support for Sound File fields
  • Dashboard items showing Zone related data can now be grouped by Zone Type and All
  • Added a Fly To IP Device button in the IP Device edit panel
  • Heatmaps can render based on vectors when available
  • Added vector visualization support


  • Modified the backend to have a smaller memory footprint
  • The old heat map “grid resolution” option named “Very high – large dots” has been removed due to the confusing name Heat map “grid resolution” replaced by “grid size”.
  • Heat map “grid size” now supports a new smaller size, XX small
  • Clear login error message when an Active Directory managed user is not in any valid groups
  • Redesign of the Asset, IP Device and Ticket conflict resolution user interface which appears when 2 different user sessions edit the same item
  • The bottom draw charts now have render with sub-groupings enabled by default, given that the selected datasource contains a subgroup
  • Closing a new, unsaved Asset, IP Device or Report will now warn the user about losing unsaved data
  • Help links now point to a new online help guide
  • Stat Browser data selector is now searchable
  • Allow loading data into the app in smaller or larger chunks depending on application configuration which can improve loading times
  • Expired licenses will now restrict creating Assets, IP Devices and Integrations
  • Removing the default TX height from RF Transmitters, so the Asset height is used by default if attached
  • Timestamps in the Activity tab are now clickable. When clicked, the application time will jump to the clicked timestamp
  • Allow 1 second chart aggregations when applicable
  • Fixed Total Utilisation and Utilisation chart values
  • When viewing a KMZ in the app, unknown images will be displayed as a default marker icon
  • Dashboard item values will now round to 2 decimal places

New Polling Engines included in 1.13.0

  • NEW – Ports Vessel Location Poller
  • NEW – Ports Vessel Movement (Berth Booking) Poller
  • NEW – Ports Vessel Metadata Poller NEW – Ports Weather Poller
  • NEW – Ports Berth Metadata Poller
  • NEW – Norsonic Nor145 Measurement Poller
  • NEW – Norsonic Nor145 Recording Downloader
  • NEW – Norsonic Nor145 Calibration Scheduler
  • NEW – Huawei CE Switch integration
  • NEW – MineTec MineOffice API integration
  • NEW – Acksys radio integration
  • Extended the Nokia SAR7705 integration
  • AVI CCMS stat listener can correct SINR values when all AVI UEs are using the Telit chipset
  • The Syslog integration now supports a configurable filter to reduce the noise in recorded syslog entries
  • Cisco Switches which report multiple interfaces with the same MAC address will now have an index on the end of the MAC to differentiate the interfaces
  • Cambium PTP600 now uses “unit name” as default IP Device name, and supports polling over HTTPS
  • Cambium PMP450i integration no longer records RX rate as the value was misleading
  • Improved the general fault tolerance of data consumption when invalid data is produced
  • The WLC SNMP integration now honours the admin status and operational status and does not create data for the radio interface when it is configured to be “disabled” or “down”

Want the full release notes?

For the full release notes please click the below links below.

Major Release notes v1.13.0