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What’s New in IMS June 2023

What’s New in IMS June 2023

We are excited to announce that IMS v1.14.10 is now available and will provide you with some significant improvements in functionality and compatibility. Please contact your Account Manager if you would like to know more or upgrade your site.

Major new Features include;
Watch our release video above to learn more about these new features.
  • New feature to export RF Transmitter data to a CSV file from a selected RF Plan.
  • When generating an RF plan users can toggle the display of coverage for each channel/frequency.
  • IMS Wireless Manager now provides a real time view of the health of major IMS services and sub-systems.
  • The new global Search Tool (Ctrl+F) – to easily find Assets, IP Devices, etc on the IMS map – is now enabled by default
  • New InfoBox features: The ability to filter across multiple assets by Field Names and IP Device Types.
  • New InfoBox feature: To collapse all/expand all toggle.
  • A new link on the Stat browser window allows users to fly to a location and timestamp
  • Clickable URLs can now be included in comments.
  • A new colour legend is provided for Connections:Colour By in the Map Options tab of the Assets panel
  • Users can now filter by multiple tags in the Asset Table view of the “Manage” tab
  • Heaped bar charts now have a Label Direction option and a Show All option. These can be used to improve label rendering when there are many bars to display.
  • Any Priority 1 (P1) triggers that are in the alerting state will make the Alerting Triggers widget in the top bar pulse on and off.
  • New stats have been added for LTE Config and LTE Monitoring


  • The MineStar Data Share API poller now has an option to disable polling for Machine Operator
  • Updated custom indicator colours for Deepsea Generator poller
  • The file path used for CCMS log file integrations is now configurable 
  • Users are immediately prompted for a tab name when creating a new Dashboard tab 
  • Users can manually enter Map Imagery Layer names in Admin>Configuration when a layers list selection is unavailable
  • Improved labelling of Latency and Connectivity colour legends 
  • Improved reliability of Norsonic FTP Manager 
  • Small styling changes to ensure style consistency
  • Improved the performance and reduced the frequency of queries used to clean up old stats
  • eNodeB radio interfaces are automatically added for Telrad BreezeView API


  • NEW – Siklu EtherHaul EH-710 
  • NEW – Telrad CPE12000 
  • NEW – Telrad BreezeWay 2020 EPC 
  • NEW – Cisco Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controller 
  • NEW – 3-DP Osprey Intelligent Endpoint 
  • NEW – Midnite Solar MPPT Charge Controller via SCADAPack 
  • NEW – EFOY 2800 Fuel Cell + MPPT via SCADAPack
  • NEW – Aviat WTM4200
  • Improvements to Komatsu FrontRunner FMS integration, including adding a duration field to Lost Comms data

Want the full release notes?

For the full release notes please click the below link.

Release Notes 1.14.x