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What’s New in IMS February 2024!

IMS Incorporates New LTE Functionality

FTP is committed to support customers who are looking to transition to LTE technology and have recently invested time to integrate with a number of key LTE hardware technologies.
IMS can now integrate with the Nokia Airscale, supporting key software versions like SBTS22R1 and SBTS22R3. Through this integration, we can access and visualise a comprehensive range of datapoints, including:
  • Cell PCI’s
  • Cell ECI’s
  • X2 Handover Success rates
  • Average mobility times (15min)
  • Cell availability
Further to the Nokia integrations, FTP has integrated IMS with the Telrad LTE hardware solutions utilising their Breezeview application.
When it comes to User Equipment, FTP’s IMS Application stands out with its support for the major UEs extensively deployed in mining operations. This includes vendors such as:
  • AVI
  • Cisco
  • Nokia
  • Comset
  • 3DP
  • Huawei
  • Netmodule
The data collected from these UEs is both vast and vital, encompassing metrics such as:
  • Connected ECI
  • PCI of connected cell
  • Time spent on ECI
As well as key Radio performance metrics such as:
  • RSSI
  • RSRP
  • RSRQ
  • SINR
If you would like to know more about our LTE integrations, please reach out to your account manager. 

What’s new in IMS?

IMS Major Updates are now available

We are excited to announce that IMS v1.15.8 is now available and will provide you with some significant improvements in functionality and compatibility. Please contact your Account Manager if you would like to know more or upgrade your site.

Major new Features include;

  • Ability to filter and group by Radio Technology when configuring dashboard charts
  • Added 2 new trigger conditions for radio channel and radio TX power
  • Multiple Eaton SC300 rectifier fields can now be graphed on one chart
  • Connection lines can now be coloured by the frequency band that is in use
  • Asset templates can now be created to easily deploy multiple assets with the same configuration
  • Provides aggregated cell utilisation data for eNodeB cells
  • Users can select the Colour By Connection line separately for WiFi and LTE connections

New Polling Engines

  • Nokia eNodeB (LTE Base Station)
  • Teltnika RUT955
  • Victron Venus GX and attached solar controller
  • Trimble Alloy GNSS receiver station
  • Schneider APC Smart-UPS SRT 8000 UPS
  • Comset CM685VX and CM820V-4G LTE Routers
  • FluidMesh 4500 – Updated
  • AVI CCMS – Updated to report location statistics and UE battery and power statistics
  • Minetec Location Poller – Updated to support HMC coordinate system

Want the full release notes?

For the full release notes please click the below links below. Since the launch of v1.15.0 we have made additional patch updates.

Find them here!